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"Re: My issues (or missunderstandings) with Jboss Tools"

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Seems you bumped into limitations in eclipse and some limitations in jboss tools I believe shouldn't be there either - so lets try figure which are things we can fix  ;) 

I'm not completely following your structure since you show all that makes sense but talks about build folders being *outside* your own project structure ?

The Seam features should for sure not *enforce* you to add things to your project if they do then that is wrong and either we have a bug or you simply should use the preferences and not the facets. Depends on how you create the projects.

Could you try and isolate your problems into individual issues then we can tackle them.

"Seam Runtime - created a new runtime to the directory I have in a sibling project...once again WHY!!!" - I don't understand what you are seeing here. It should allow you to select the seam runtimes you set up ?

"Model - blank....We dont use extended persistence context Spring is our transaction manager." - Not sure why the usage of persistence context affects this  ;)  It's agnostic where Seam Entities goes. 

"But....all the required constraints now try to enforce a structure on my app. WTH? It should NOT matter how my uncompiled app is structured."

The Seam facet is not required/won't work if you don't use a Faceted project - but it should be possible to enable all the fetures without Facets - you might though not get all features since some metadata is not available but to know if that is the case for you we need to try and isolate it better.

Could you provide a skeleton project layout of what you want to setup - then we can see how to fix it better!

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