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Hi Max and Alexey,

Thanks for your replies. I'm sorry I went on a bit of a rant...I was getting really frustrated.  X-( 

We just deployed our system live this past week hence my delay in responding.

So, I'll try address the issues 1 at a time and see if we can make progress.

My goal here is to get to the point where I can use the find usages feature on a method in a Seam bean and have my xhtml EL expressions appear in the list of results. This is the most important feature for me to get working at the moment.

First. *Add Seam Support*
     I am doing this by right-clicking my project -> configure -> Add Seam Support

     Example 1:
     Checkbox checked. Click Apply. (So far I have not filled in a Seam runtime, just checked the box and clicked apply)

     Expected outcome: Seam Builder added to my .project
     Actual outcome: .project is unmodified and the Seam builder does not run (I'll add example later for what happens when I add a Seam Runtime)

     Example 2:
     Checkbox - checked
     Add new Seam Runtime (See my details below about my issue with that)
     Main Seam Project - gekko (my project name)
     Deploy type - WAR
     View Folder - /gekko/gekko-web/prod-src/web
     Model->Source Folder - BLANK
     Action/Form/Conversation->Source Folder - /gekko/gekko-web/prod-src/java
                                          ->Package - gekko
     Create Test - NOT checked

     Expected outcome: Seam builder added to .project
     Actual outcome: Seam builder added to .project - SUCCESS (although I'm unsure about whether it will work on other machines yet).

Second: *New Seam Runtime*
     The project is worked on by multiple people so, if I add a Seam runtime I want the settings to work on everyone's machine. 
     The Home Folder location is a hardcoded directory. If a directory relative to the project could be used then the settings become more sharable.

Third: *Add JSF Capabilities*
*     Project Location Window
          web.xml Location is a hardcoded location. This should be a project relative directory.
               value - X:/afolder/path/gekko/gekko-web/config/web/WEB-INF/web.xml
*Project Folders*
          Once again all non relative paths.
               Web Root - X:/afolder/path/gekko/gekko-web
               Source Folder - X:/afolder/path/gekko/gekko-web/prod-src/java
               Classes Folder - X:/afolder/path/gekko-build/gekko-web/classes/prod
               Lib Folder - BLANK (really not sure what I'm supposed to put here)
               Add Libraries - NOT checked
               Servlet Version - 2.5
               Runtime - Apache Tomcat v6.0 (created runtime)

Now after doing all this the builders and natures in my .project file now look like this. (Ignore my external builder that just copies some config files for me).



So after doing all this I expect to be able to go to any of my Seam beans and do a find usages on a method and see all the times a method has been called in my xhtml pages via EL expressions.

So, I select a seam bean method and press Ctrl+Shift+G and no results. *sigh*
Go to the Search menu and press Seam References and BOOM got a result! WTH?
Do a refactor and it changes my .xhtml WOOHOO!! I'm getting excited.
Do another refactor to change it back to the old value and it only refactors 1 of the 2 locations....not so good now.
Manually go fix up these two spots and do a search for references again and now I get nothing.
I force a rebuild of my project and now the search is working again. Not sure what the go is there but...hey. it's working now!

So it appears in my efforts to explain my problem that it has started working for me. And although I complained about all the paths being non relative I can't find anywhere in my settings where the hardcoded values have been used. So, maybe its not an issue. The setup of all this did create a brand new WEB-INF directory in the root of my gekko-web directory but deleting it appears to solve the problem.

I'm a tad confused now but, it'll do.  :) 

Thanks guys.

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