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Finally i got it working...it was a tearful moment.  I had to make changes to one of the libs within the console server as it was using a different datasource.  However I have a few questions from running the console (apologies for writing this on this thread):

1) I am using JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger to track changes and I was wondering what the best practice is for this.  Currently I have some code that instantiates the JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger on construction of the StatefulKnowledgeSession and then have some methods such as

 class A {

  public A () {
   ..initialise ksession
   .. create JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger (ksession);

  startProcess(String processName) {


  void action (String actionName) {


Is this the write approach or should i create a JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger for each method call and then dispose after the method execution. (I noticed with this approach i was getting double processinstancelog entries for a given process instance).

2) On my diagram i have a event based gateway which has 2 event flows.  On start of the process when i check the diagram i see a red arrow for both messages.  When I follow a path for a given event I notice that there is still a red arrow for the event path that i didn't take.  Is there something I can do to stop this?  I noticed that code collections activeNodeInstances based on type (EXIT or ENTERED).  Not sure what approach it should be as it is misleading as I have taken a given path.

3) I notice that the rest API has a list of active nodes and the jbpm console makes a call to get the active nodes and then does some parsing to generate the image.  Is there a way to get the image (with the red arrow) via the rest api?

Any help would be appreciated...again  :) !

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