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Hi. I decided to write here because I am stucked with a project on my studies. I need to write an agent (java application) which would be capable of retrieving business process definitions from jboss, connect to choosen instance of the process and intercept events like process started, process ended, process made a transition from one state to another, etc so that collected data could be sent to the console written by another team member and visualised there.

So I downloaded jbpm full installer and it installed everything for me, next I was able to find a lot of sample codes, but none of them worked. Those codes were ripped of it's context, so I don't have a knowledge on architecture and cofiguration of those technologies. From my research I found out that an agent in order to meet it's tasks can use for example:

1. drools api - that idea came from looking into jbpm-gwt-console code. I downloaded source code from jboss/jbpm site and there I found two classes: ProcessManagement and CommandDelegate which I assume are doing exactly the thing I need to. I assume that they get ProcessDefinition from jboss through KnowledgeBase, KnowledgeAgent, etc... but I don't know how, and I am unable to run this code. I am not sure if this is a right path to folow.

2. my second thought is to use JbpmContext and GraphSession class from Jbpm api but that way I got a lot of various exceptions etc... for example no query defined if I call findAllProcessDefinition etc... I am not even sure if I get the JbpmContext correctly. I don;t know from what place it gets it's configuration, dependecies, etc...

Please guide my toward correct direction. What is the best way to pull from jboss deployed process definitions and than ho to monitor it's instances? What api, technologies, libraries I need? How can I configure it?

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