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"How do i optimize jms queue"

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My application have flex as front end & java at back end on unix with Jboss.
Application have list of commands to run on remote unix machines with in local network.
to process the commands to run on remote machines we use message driven beans Queues .
when load is less application works fine.
But when we increase the load  it gradually becomes slow .
Introscope suggested that JMS queus gets full when load increases so that it takes more & more time to process them.

few months back everything was fine users had no problem but recently they reported a huge problem & they were not able to work on application .

What could be this issue?
Increasing queue size would help?
How to do Increasing queue size?
increasing thread pool size will help ? & how to increasing the same?

we tried lot of things but nothing is working fine.
any help in any direction would be a great help.

thanks in advance.

Sumit Upadhyay

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