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Here are the exact steps and changes along the way:

* Deployed both WAR on Console. each with separate context root. and class loader as parent_last

* Change class loader policy to separate for each WAR
* Downloaded resteasy-jaxrs-2.2.3.GA.jar and replaced Old JAX-RS jar that came with installer with resteasy-jaxrs-2.2.3.GA (I was getting a class exception)

* Set the JVM variables on WAS for Console Directory and Birth Report Engine Installation

-Dorg.jbpm.report.engine.dir=D:\temp1 -Djbpm.console.directory=D:\process

* Copied hibernate jars , dom4j, javassist jars  in gwt-consoler-server-war/web-inf/lib 
* Updated persistence.xml with DB2 datasource
* Configured Custom User Registry that takes users and group from users.props and groups.props.

Following is my user.props 

# name:passwd:uid:gids:display name
# where name   = userId/userName of the user
#       passwd = password of the user
#       uid    = uniqueId of the user
#       gid    = groupIds of the groups that the user belongs to
#       display name = a (optional) display name for the user.

and groups.props

# Format:
# name:gid:users:display name
# where name   = groupId of the group
#       gid    = uniqueId of the group
#       users  = list of all the userIds that the group contains
#       display name = a (optional) display name for the group.
administrator:999:krisv:Administrative group
manager:678:krisv:Operators group
user:789:krisv:user Group

I also wanted to mention: 

1) that I am not using guvnor for process definition repository, i am using a local folder (
2) Also I have not installed BIRT run time (i have just added path -Dorg.jbpm.report.engine.dir=D:\temp1 to bypass servlet initialization exception), my understanding is that it only comes in picture when i want to geenrate reports. For initial logon and process management BIRT is not required. Please correct me if I am missing here

so after making above changes when I  start server (and I am using IE7, the client does not allow any other browsers).

and logon to console :

 http://localhost:9082/gwt-console/app.html http://localhost:9082/gwt-console/app.html

my screen just stays there  on logon page itself and Server Logs Isee following error message:

[11/9/11 19:13:12:992 EST] 00000015 SystemOut O 2011-11-09 19:13:12,992 DEBUG [WebContainer : 0] impl.Log4jLogger - PathInfo: /identity/secure/j_security_check
[11/9/11 19:13:12:993 EST] 00000015 SystemOut O 2011-11-09 19:13:12,992 DEBUG [WebContainer : 0] impl.Log4jLogger - Failed executing POST /identity/secure/j_security_check
: Could not find resource for relative : /identity/secure/j_security_check of full path: http://localhost:9082/gwt-console-server/rs/identity/secure/j_security_check
at org.jboss.resteasy.core.registry.RootSegment.matchChildren(

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