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"Eclipse indigo JBoss AS 7 deploy problem"

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   I'm using eclipse indigo with JBoss Tools M4, and my app is running on JBoss AS 7.0.2. I'm trying to deploy with JBoss Tools from eclipse. My project is an ear project, which contains a war and many jar files. I'm also using m2eclipse plugin, because the projects are maven projects.
My ear structure is the next:
- the ear file
- it contains a war file (it's WEB-INF/lib folder is empty)
- all the necessary jars are under the ear file's "lib" folder - including some own project jars
When I build the whole project with maven, I have the correct ear - I can deploy it and it works well.

When I try to deploy from eclipse (server - add/remove (select the ear) - and then full republish), the ear/lib will contain my own jars uncompressed, which will cause problem at deploy time (NoClassDefFoundError - caused by ClassNotFoundException referencing to classes in the uncompressed jars).

My question is: How can I force the eclipse (JBossTools) to compress every project-jar in the lib directory? I also tried the check/uncheck the "Deploy projects as compressed archives" option on the Deployment tab of the server config, but it didn't have any effects on the ear's lib directory...

Please help!
Thanks in advance!

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