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"Re: Calling matchManagedConnections and getInvalidConnections"

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I generated RA skeleton with code generator (like follows) and I would expect that everything was corretly generated:

marti-pc:codegenerator pjuza$ sh ./codegenerator.sh
Profile version (1.6/1.5/1.0) [1.6]: 1.5
Type (O/Outbound/I/Inbound/B/Bidirectional) [O]: 
Package name: com.cleverlance.smartclient.ra.httpclient
Transaction support (N/NoTransaction/L/LocalTransaction/X/XATransaction) [N]: 
Support reauthentication (Y/Yes/N/No) [N]: 
Include a ResourceAdapter (Y/Yes/N/No) [Y]: 
Resource adapter class name [AcmeResourceAdapter]: HttpClientResourceAdapterImpl
Resource adapter config properties [enter to quit]: 
Managed connection factory class name [AcmeManagedConnectionFactory]: HttpClientResourceAdapterImpl
Managed connection factory config properties [enter to quit]: 
Use ResourceAdapterAssociation (Y/Yes/N/No) [Y]: 
Managed connection class name [AcmeManagedConnection]: HttpClientManagedConnectionImpl
Use CCI (Y/Yes/N/No) [N]: 
Connection factory interface class name [AcmeConnectionFactory]: HttpClientRaConnectionFactory
Connection factory implementation class name [AcmeConnectionFactoryImpl]: HttpClientRaConnectionFactoryImpl
Connection interface class name [AcmeConnection]: ManagedClientConnection
Connection implementation class name [AcmeConnectionImpl]: ManagedClientConnectionImpl
Add methods to connection interface (Y/Yes/N/No) [N]: 
Additional managed connection factory (Y/Yes/N/No) [N]: 
Include an admin object (Y/Yes/N/No) [N]: 
Generate a MBean class (Y/Yes/N/No) [Y]: 
Build environment [A/Ant/I/Ant+Ivy/M/Maven] [A]: M
Code generated 

I have been trying to change settings in ironjacamar.xml but without positive results. I doubt if matching connection is possible for non-datasource connections? And if it's true then it is specific for ironjacamar only or is it general JCA contract?

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