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Hi Wolf-Dieter Fink and Radoslav Husar ,
Thank you for the response,
will jstat provides object is causing the problem along with statistics for the heap/garbage colletion. 
I wanted to know which object is causing the problem.
I have one ERP application (j2ee/ejbs) deployed on 5 jboss servers  (its not clustered) connect to one database server .
so each jboss server is handling a differnt set of users. 
occassionaly on any server it occupy all the memory and i have to restart that server. it happen sometime on one server and sometime on another server.
its not a database issue, otherwise all 5 jboss app server should not work as database server is one.
i believe there is some module/classes in the application when it accessed then its eating up all the memory.
whats the tool/way by which i can identify those classes/object on production server..
this application having thousands of classes, therefore attaching a particular object to tool and see its life cycle is not fesible option for me.
so please suggest some way/tool by which i can get all the objects which casuing problems in production.
please let me know if you want more information.
Thank you very much.


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