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"jBPM, Drools, AS7 does any of this work? Very confusing what is needed."

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I have been banging on this integration for to long.  I have been integrating jBPM and AS7.  It seems to be up and running as the jbpm-client and jbpm-client-server are running (with a few console exceptions ) in AS7.  I have the jBPM5.1 database using Postgres.  So things are integrating but it is slow going.

 I went to upload a process definition and according to  http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v5.1/userguide/ch15.html http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v5.1/userguide/ch15.html I need the Drools guvnor up and running as well.  This is fine I want to use Drools anyway.

I have searched the web and forums for answers to the following questions.  There seems to be much talk about things but no definative answers.  If somebody can shed some light on my questions it would be appreciated.  


What is the best tool to use for developing jBPM workflows?  Drools flow?  Eclipse? BPMN2?   Can I deploy a process from there?

How do I load a jBPM process definition into jBPM5.1?  I would like to drop it in a directory on AS7 and have AS7 pick it up automatically and deploy it.  Is that possible?  

How do I define jBPM users and groups?  I am using the user.properties and roles.properties files included in the jbpm-console-server and am able to log into the jbpm console.  Are these the same users and groups for the jbpm tasks?  It doesn't seem to be the case.  If not: How do I load users and groups into jBPM5.1?

What version of Drools should I use for AS7?  Has anybody integrated this successfully?  Does drools 5.2 install into AS7?  I was reading that there are issues and that drools 5.4 would fix them.  Drools 5.4 doesn't seem to be available for download.  Now what? 


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