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>> but it's adding a DSP to a rule resource, not a workflow. Can DSP be added to workflows or just rules?<<
I assume here you are refering to  http://people.redhat.com/kverlaen/DomainSpecificWorkItem.swf http://people.redhat.com/kverlaen/DomainSpecificWorkItem.swf. Not sure why you think its added to a rule resource, maybe because of the .rf extension to the process file? As mentioned, this is an old video from the drools-flow era, and the file extension for processes was .rf (rule-flow). These files used a proprietary xml standard (similar but not same to jPDL in jBPM 3.x and 4.x). jBPM5 uses the BPMN2 standard as the default process definition language. However, the notion of being able to add "domain-specific" nodes into your business process is something that already existed in drools-flow, from which jBPM5 was born, and most of the same rules and configuration options (especially in eclipse env.) still apply. This chapter  http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v5.1/userguide/ch13.html http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v5.1/userguide/ch13.html of the docs I belive explains well what a domain-specific extension is. Not many BPM engines AFAIK have this feature built in natively so it's a really nice thing to have. 

>> Are rules just called by workflows? << The BPMN2 specification defines a BusinessRuleTask node which is an extension of the Task node and is able to call upon some defined rules. jBPM follows this spec and is able to execute Drools rules in an user-defined ruleflow-group when this node is encountered in the process. The tight integration between jBPM5 and Drools also allows you to specify rules in sequence flows, script tasks, etc.

>> With nearly every experiment I've tried to do with it, I've run into roadblocks and crashes. << I am first of all sorry that you ran into issues. However believe that you would have had a very similar experience with other OSS type of BPM solutions. The difference is how quickly you receive(d) help and quickly you can overcome these issues/questions that is important, and I think in your case this time has been fairly if not very quick. 

>> We'd even be willing to pay for support, but JBoss doesn't seem interested in our money. << This is not good, and if you can please email me directly at tsurdilo at redhat dot com and I will make sure that your message gets forwarded to the appropriate people to make sure they contact you. Currently we are running a jBPM5 pilot program, and you would be more than welcome to take part of that.

>> Is there some reason anyone can give me for choosing jBPM over something else, like Activiti? << My opinion is of course biased so I will not comment on this. It is ultimately your decision on what software you use  :)

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