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"StatefulKnowledgeSession signalEvent method"

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Can anyone help me to understand why the signalEvent method on the StatefulKnowledgeSession calls the ProcessInstancesWaitingForEvent query even when I provide the processInstanceId parameter?

The ProcessInstancesWaitingForEvent seems to retrieve all workflow instances that are awaititing a particular event.

I am seeing this behaviour in the context of this workflow:

 http://community.jboss.org/servlet/JiveServlet/showImage/2-627040-16993/data-v.0.0.2.jpg  http://community.jboss.org/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadImage/2-627040-16993/450-205/data-v.0.0.2.jpg 
When I start the workflow with process variables that make it take the lower path the workflow begins and waits for the first signal.

 | ProcessInstance process = session.startProcess("com.bluecycle.zephyr.workflow.data-v0.0.2", processVariables); |

At this point I am able to signal the first event and the ProcessInstancesWaitingForEvent is NOT called. The workflow quickly moves and waits for the second signal.

 | session.signalEvent("Signal1", null, process.getId()); | 

At this point I can signal the second event which does succeed but this time it appeas to be calling the ProcessInstancesWaitingForEvent query to find all workflows waiting for the signal2 event..

 | session.signalEvent("Signal2", null, process.getId()); | 

The time that this takes is directly proportional to the number of workflow instances that I have waiting for the signal2 event.

Can anyone help me to understand why ProcessInstancesWaitingForEvent is being called? It seems like this is unnessercary given that I am providing the processInsnanceId. Also I'm not sure why this happens when I signal event 2, but not when I signal event 1.

The jbpm versions I have used are the ones bundled in the jbpm 5.10-Final installer download.

Thanks very much,


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