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"Coping with versions in large multi-module osgi projects"

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regarding PDE/Build - Tycho does the exact same thing with 1.0.0.qualifier - this is no different at all, the same version is never reused for the same bundle for releases. 

regarding "If *nothing* changes in a bundle then the version should not change", I agree that is the optimal goal but as you just wrote .qualifier gets changed anyway by the build so this actually happens anyway if you dont remove the .qualifier. And please note, I'm not saying we are putting the same version on all 628 artifacts - just setting one version per module (so 628 becomes 42 instead which )

"Eclipse project has 400 bundles and they manage their versions without bumping each bundle for each build" - that is not what im seeing, they have .qualifier too. Anyway, Eclipse project also have a good deal of more people to handle these versions. That is another approach we could take, reduce the number of modules and version them individually but the end result would be similar... smaller set of managable artifacts all released at the same time - but now you can install smaller parts  :)  

note, map files is actually the key part missing in Tycho/maven workflow to avoid full rebuilds at release builds IMO, but that does not solve the problems for continous integration builds.

I know about jar.comparator/API Tools (which btw. is pretty good but *awfully* slow and tricky to get setup all across modules without either having PDE or Tycho die in the process ;( - and even if we had it up and running it would just help about detecting the needed version bumps and there would still need to be a step that goes through and ensures pom.xml, manifest.mf, feature's, etc. are in sync.

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