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"TimerBean: Only one @Timeout on SLSB?"

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I've two private methdos on my SLSB, say A and B.
Both methods are annotated with @Timeout, return void, and take Timer as an argument.

Two public methods implemented by the interface are basically doing the same thing: according to which one has been called, the create a TimerInfo instance (a container class [POJO] that implements java.io.Serializable, carrying a "label" and an "element", both String), set this instance as Info when creating the timer. Of course, before I create one, I lookup if a timer with that label and that element already exists.

My client invokes the exposed method that should finish in having method A invoked.

I then set two breakpoints, one at the beginning of A, the other at the beginning of B.

When I debug my SLSB with a timer created with timerInfo set so that method A should be invoked, the breakpoint in A never gets active, but it the one in B! Of course, at the beginning of these private methods I check which timer is calling me and therefore do not execute the logic.

A workaround could be using @Timeout only on *one* method, and then call the A or B according to the TimerInfo set, sort of "deviator" method.

I enclose the sourcecode of my SLSB... I wonder what I've missed or completely got wrong about Timers.


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