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Our team wants to switch to JBoss 7 as a development platform on a regular day to day basis. Currenly we use Tomcat 7. We want to use JBoss Tools and have tested current development version.

Is there an article explaining how incremental publishing works ?

We want to achive same setup as with Tomcat 7 wtp server adapter, that is:
1) automatic redeployment of application when a dynamic resource changes (like a Java class)
2) no redeployment when a static resource changes (only refresh)

>From what we see in default configuration (exploded webapp) static resources are refreshed but dynamic resources do not trigger automatic redeployment. Is there something we are missing or the community server adapter doesn't support this feature ?

I am aware that scanning of exploded application can be enabled but we want to avoid it so static resource changes do not trigger full redeployment.


Second concern is that we are building our projects using maven multimodule functionality. When the tools are switched to deploy archives (war is the target here) automatic redeployment doesn't happen when a dependency in WEB-INF/lib changes. We created two simple projects:
a) one named 'dep1' (Java Project)
b) second named 'webapp' (Dynamic Web Project) with the 'dep1' set in "Deployment assembly" project properties

The dependency is placed in WEB-INF/lib/dep1.jar. When we recompile a class that is in "webapp" project the whole application gets redeployed (cool), but when a class from 'dep1' is recompiled the application isn't redeployed. We are yet again forced to do manual deployment like in the first problem.

In a way those two are problems are connected. We don't use any JBoss 7 specific functionallity yet. These are simple web applications (no ear, osgi, etc).


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