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Hey Max,
I seem to be able to create a JBossEAP6 Alpha1 server in the preference menuing in JBDS 5-M3 (Window | Preferences | Server | Runtime Environments).  However, when trying to add that Server as a Library to a project build path it doesn't seem to be listed.  

As an example after you create the JBossEAP6 Alpha1 server in JBDS create a simple Web project.  Right-click | Properties | Java Build Path | Libraries.  Select Add Library... | Server Runtime and I usually see all the server I have defined in JBDS listed there as options to add to the project build path.  JBossEAP6 Alpha1 doesn't seem to be listed.

Its kind of a nit.  I am able to get around this by just making JBossEAP6 Alpha1 classified as a JBossAS 7 server and then it appears correct as a Server Runtime that I can add to any project.

Make sense?


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