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"Re: Weblogic equivalent library in JBOSS for generating wsdl2service and clientgen"

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wsprovide is a ant task that generates portable JAX-WS artifacts for a service endpoint implementation and wsconsume is a command line tool and ant task that "consumes" the abstract contract (WSDL file) and produces portable JAX-WS service and client artifacts.
But we have ejb's as service endpoint in the form of ejb jars as below from weblogic build.xml. How can we go about in converting this in jboss, so that services/wsdl's can be generated ? Your help is much appreciated.


 name="servicegen" depends="ejbjar" description="Generate webservices">

<mkdir dir="${jar.dir}/${ear.dir}"/>

<!-- Our exploded ear dir -->

<mkdir dir="${jar.dir}/${war.dir}"/>

<!-- Our exploded war dir -->

<mkdir dir="${jar.dir}/${client.dir}"/>

<!-- Our exploded war dir -->

<tempfile prefix="exploded_ear" property="temp.ear.dir" destdir="${env.ANT_TMP}"/>

<tempfile prefix="exploded_war" property="temp.war.dir" destdir="${env.ANT_TMP}"/>

<mkdir dir="${temp.ear.dir}"/>

<mkdir dir="${temp.war.dir}"/>


 name="servicegen" classname="weblogic.ant.taskdefs.webservices.servicegen.ServiceGenTask" classpathref="wl.servicegen.path"

<servicegen destEar="${temp.ear.dir}" overwrite="true" contextURI="temp">


<path refid="wl.ejbc.path"/>

<path refid="wl.servicegen.path"/>

<path refid="share.compile.path"/>




targetNamespace=http://${deploy.host}:${port}/temp (http://community.jboss.org/${deploy.host}:${port}/temp)








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