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"Trying to resolve systemId as a non-file URL"

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Im am migrating an application to JBoss 5.1.0.GA from another app server.

The web service clients in my app seem to work but I get a lot of warnings in the log:

2012-04-02 14:18:53,660 WARN  [org.jboss.util.xml.JBossEntityResolver] (http- Trying to resolve systemId as a non-file URL: vfszip:/C:/dev/...some.ear/lib/..some-ws-client.jar/wsdl/my.xsd

The WSDL and any XSD imported in the WSDL are packaged inside the JAR file. The path mentioned in the log statement appears to be correct if used as a file URI. 

The service client is created with a reference to the WSDL inside the JAR like this:

     Service service = Service.create("/wsdl/my.wsdl", MY_QNAME);

However this is the line of code that causes the warning in the log.

What does this really mean? Performance is important so I hope the web service framework does not end up resolving the XSD from the net.

I tried to package a META-INF/jax-ws-catalog.xml with the client JAR file to map the systemID to a file URI but it does not seem to be picked up by the web service framework.

Any1 know how to fix this?

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