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"m2e(clipse)-wtp 0.15.0 : New and Noteworthy"

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Hi Abi, 

m2e-wtp doesn't relate to what was removed/added in m2e but I can tell you possible reasons to why m2e team removed those features.

The removal was done when m2e moved from sonatype to eclipse.org and the code were having to go through a thorough legal review for IP clearance and also the time where m2e team needed to see which features they could sustain to maintain as part of eclipse release train. That process (as far as I understood) revealed that in some cases original authors of the features could not be tracked down or original license was unclear thus not able to pass the legal IP clearance OR some of the features were simply too fragile/messy to maintain thus they decided to remove them to avoid problems about API and UI stability on the release train.

Which of the two issues legal clearance and fragile/messy I'm not sure about, but no matter which it is then the features are no longer there but i'm sure if someone have the time to contribute them back/reimplement them they will be met with open arms.

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