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"Usage of Timer in JBPM 5.2"

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I am using a Timer in my JBPM 5.2 process. 

The way i designed my JBPM process invocation is to have a separate ksession for each process instance. The ksessions are disposed once the processis started. 

The timers fail and i have figiured out why. The JIRA  https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBPM-3170 https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBPM-3170 explains why. 
The timers do not work when the ksessions are persisted. 

The workaround options i have (as far as i understand) are as follows
 - Use a single KSession for all processes (Ruled out as my application will get deployed in multiple servers. And the process has human tasks. So i do need persisted sessions). 
 - Do not dispose the ksession until the process is complete (This too wont work for the same reason as above. The Human task can be executed from any of the servers where my app is deployed. So it will need to use a persisted ksession). 

Any bright ideas on how to work around this ?? If anyone has cracked this, do let me know. There was one other workarounf suggested for JBPM 5.1 which suggested the usage of a seperate ksession for the timer. Dint quite understand how that can be achieved ! 

The timer issue seems to be a killer issue. Hoping it gets fixed soon. It makes the timer pretty much unusable in the context a production grade application. 


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