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"Re: How to get current node instance in a workitem handler?"

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I had to store the ksession id and the process instances it is running separately for recovery. On server restart, I load all sessions and for all process instances stored in my session->processinstanceid mapping table I call ksession.getProcessInstance(processinstanceid).

>From another thread here:  https://community.jboss.org/thread/195459 https://community.jboss.org/thread/195459, it seems like it should be possible to load a process instance into a ksession different from the one it was created in (with some caveats) but I didn't go that route.

Once the right ksession is loaded and available to the workitemhandler, finding the nodeId is straightfoward. E.g. something like this:

private WorkItemNodeInstance getCurrentWorkItemNodeInstance(WorkItem workItem) {
          RuleFlowProcessInstance processInst = (RuleFlowProcessInstance)this.ksession.getProcessInstance(workItem.getProcessInstanceId());
          Collection<NodeInstance> nodeInstances = processInst.getNodeInstances();
          for(NodeInstance nodeInst : nodeInstances) {
                    if(nodeInst instanceof WorkItemNodeInstance) {
                              if(((WorkItemNodeInstance)nodeInst).getWorkItem().getId() == workItem.getId()) {
                              return ((WorkItemNodeInstance)nodeInst);
          return null;


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