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"Use jBPM5 embedded within a Java EE 6 application"

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Great work Marek! That is exactly the solution we are looking for and the fact that jBPM lacks one is the reason we are currently investigating possibilities of switching over to Activiti wrapped up by Camunda  http://www.camunda.com/fox/ http://www.camunda.com/fox/. 
Besides we are having troubles with Task Services colliding with the main trunk of execution and not participating in transactions of the main trunk. Any faulty task can lead to ambiguous state of the whole process. We have seen this in practice way too often. To my mind the Task Service must be an integral part of the BPM engine and behave like one. To overcome the issues we also have our own brunch of the jBPM sources with patches in terms of transaction management. At the very bottom of your article when you talk about issues with Task Management are you referring to the problems I’m trying to describe in this comment and here  https://community.jboss.org/thread/197380 https://community.jboss.org/thread/197380 ?

Thank you for the article!


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