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"Use jBPM5 embedded within a Java EE 6 application"

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Thank you Vladimir.
We have also expected that the TaskService is an integral part of the BPM engine (as it is in case of Activiti). But on on closer inspection we discovered that jBPM5 offers us more flexibility. We can use the task service either decoupled with the MinaTaskService or we can use the LocalTaskService. The LocalTaskService can be plugged in and behave like an integrated component. Additionally the LocalTaskService can use the transaction manager from the container. I think this is exactly what you and we need. Well, unfortunately we needed some time to figure it out. Unfortunately there is(was) another deficiency: the implementation of the LocalTaskService in version 5.2.0.Final is buggy and it does not work embedded. *But*: fortunately the implementation of the LocalTaskService was revised in version 5.3.0. We have tested it a couple of weeks ago with the at that time current SNAPSHOT and we are deeply contented. We use it in our implementation of a CDI module for jBPM (Flux). We made a presentation on a Java conferece in Berlin where we talked about our experiences and solutions. There we a lot of people having the same requirements as we have. They asked us to share our solutions - so we will do... We are just waiting for the 5.3.0.Final release, which was planned for the beginning of april ...

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