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> Heiko Tappe wrote:
> It took me quite a while to get things started with 5.2 (embedded in my app deployed on JBoss 7.1.1). But now I am able to start processes (including jpa 2.0 persistence - hibernate 4).
Great to hear  :) 

> Heiko Tappe wrote:
> One thing that's missing is: how can signal a specific process instance? With 4.3 I can start a process and bind it to a specific key (startProcessInstanceByKey). Later I can use a query (createProcessInstanceQuery) to find the suitable process instance and then signal it.
> Is there something similar for 5.2?
It uses process instance id as a correlation, as far as I know there is no business key concept yet. Once you know process instance id you can use session's signalEvent method to move the process from "wait state".

> Heiko Tappe wrote:
> BTW, is there some general migration guide? Explaning/comparing for instance some use cases for 4.3 and 5.2?
Besides this forum and other people experience I don't think so  :( 

> Heiko Tappe wrote:
> In my app I create some object (like an order). I then start some process on this object. The process might detect that some further processing is possible (sending an email, print the order, etc). So it's done. But sometimes for further processing some conditions have to meet. Then the process has to wait until the conditions are fulfilled. As the objects (the orders) can be edited in the app at every time I want to notify the process after a modification to check for further processing. If further processing is possible the process proceeds until the next condition has to be fulfilled (or the process ends).
> This worked fine with jBPM 4.3 working with state nodes and decisions. After each modification I signaled the process (with a null signal). The process then checked whether a further processing was possible or it stayed in "wait mode".
It is possible with BPMN as well using intermediate events and gateways. Moreover it is even more advanced thanks to integration with drools so instead of signaling the process whenever your business object changes you could use conditional events and use rules for that, as soon as you business object changes just insert/update it in the session and if condition is met event will be triggered. There are much more options with BPMN compared to jpdl in 4.x


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