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"A few jbpm5 architectural/design questions"

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I am evaluating using JBPM5 for our work flows in e-commerce context. I did some reading online. Still got a few questions. Please help
* We use MongoDB as our database. I understand that JBPM5 supports JPA persistence. Is it safe to assume that with any ORM provider like Dataneucleaus that provides a JPA layer for MongoDB can used for Work Flow Engine persistence? ref:  http://sasajovancic.blogspot.com/2011/06/use-jpa-with-mongodb-and-datanucleus.html http://sasajovancic.blogspot.com/2011/06/use-jpa-with-mongodb-and-datanucleus.html
* Is it possible to do on-demand process-instance or ksession persistence? If so, is there any sample code?
* I read that the work flow engine uses the single thread (the thread that starts the process/fires an event) to execute the entire process...no real multi-threading. What happens when the process instance and/or session is persisted at safe-points (or manually)?..does the thread end/return back to main program? 
* If I have to start multiple (many) processes at the same time from the main program, do I have to start them all in different threads? do I have to model my own thread pool?
* I have a situation where, the main program receives a message on http and the http response thread have to be returned with status 200 OK after persisting the message. If I want the message persistence as a part of the process, how can I achieve this? I mean, I cannot return the main thread just after the first (persistence) node of the process, right?...how can make the rest of the process continue?
Thanks in advance

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