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"JBoss Source Lookup"

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Hello Snjezana, this is really great feature.

1) However I have ran into issues when debugging JSF: when attached sources, plugin has looked up JSF API 1.2, but my project is using JSF API 2.1. I guess it's because AS 7.1 bundles both, JSF 1.2 and JSF 2.x and decides in runtime what implementation will be used. Obviously, class javax.faces.component.UIComponent is part of both JARs (JSF 1.2 and 2.1).

2) I'm also having issues with avoiding my debugger to load JSF dependency (although it is in provided scope) from my Maven Dependencies instead of the JBoss AS Source Lookup. How can I efficiently setup the priority?

3) Does the plugin load the implementations used in JBoss AS? I can see all the JavaEE APIs listed in list of dependencies of JBoss 7.1 Runtime, but no implementations.

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