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Thanks Maciej. a few follow-ups...

>>There is currently work in progress to ensure that jBPM will work with any JPA provider and hopefully will be released soon, so any help with testing that is more then welcome  :) 
I sure can sign up for testing MongoDB with Datanucleus. I am currently using 5.1.1.Final. Is that fine? or should I use another version. let me know.

>>You can control your transactions so I think you could achieve on demand persistence if I got you question right...
Do you mean that the auto-persistence kicks in just before a transaction begins/ends? if so, is it at the beginning or the end?

>> Yes, as soon as process goes into a state node (human task, timer, catch events) it will return the thread to main program.
I C. By State node, do you mean anything that puts the process in the "Wait" mode?
When the state node changes (receives the event via signal event, human task etc.) does the process continue in a different thread? I mean, lets say I do the following in the main thread with a process that has start->catch-event->... 
//the main thread returns after entering into catch-event node...will return http response 200 ok here
ksession.signalEvent("continue", "continue");
1. Does the above last statement block the main thread until the "test" proces is complete? or does it start in a differnt thread?
2. Also, slightly tangential, is a Task item with executeWorkItem not including manager.completeWorkItem(.., ..) is also equivalent to a state node, in the sense that does it keep the process in "wait" state. Isnt that how sendTask and receiveTask work? or am I totally off? Can you please point me to any example that uses sendTask and receiveTask?

>> See above point regarding state nodes or just make you work async after start node using work item handlers -  http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v5.2/userguide/ch05.html#d0e1811 http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v5.2/userguide/ch05.html#d0e1811
The complete flow on using the Async handlers with a new thread spawned int he executeWorkItem is not clear to me. So, in the example code snippet in that doc, does the process go into"wait" state because the "executeWorkItem" does not completeWorkItem()?...and if so, how is the async thread supposed to mark the work item complete? is there any example?

Thanks again in advance

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