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Hi Maciej,

First of all, thanks for answering  ;) 

I use the web designer supplied with jBPM 5.3.0 Full Package (because it is the last full version available so I want to synchronized with the jBPM 5.3.0 Final User Guide !) so I think it is 2.2 Final. I get this version number in pom.properties in designer.war from JAS 7.0.2.
Another question by the way : is there a more simple way to get web designer version directly under drools-gubnor  ;)  ?

My problem is that I am a bit lost with the web designer, as I am a *beginner* with BPMN and jBPM I really have difficulties to find my way with this designer :
- many input fields are free and there is not much assistance on what to input

To share with you other problems I am facing :
- I don't not know what mistake I must have made but now I have nothing the Evaluation process. No matter I will use the import BPMN2 function, but when you paste the orignal source code of the Evaluation.bpmn file, I have an error in the server log of JAS 7.0.2 (NPE).
- I try to use a "Reusable Subprocess" when in the window "Editor for Called Elements" i have no process in the list although I have other defined in drools guvnor...
=> I try to save all other processes and export bpmn2 files and same for process images (png) and then I have some processes displayed in the list but not all  :(  and I don't understand why...

How do you use Boundary Events ? In my version I don't think I am able to specify a Boundary Event on a specific Task, no graphical component available in the tool box?
=> When writing this, I told myself I must give another try : with a task, miracle it's working. In fact I think I am not used to clicking on the Morph Shape Function. I thought all the possible components were avaibable in the Shape Repository but it seems that it is not the case. (ex: Throwing Error Intermediate Event displayed in blue color not avaibable  directly (you must use Morph Shape to get it) although Catching Error Intermediate Event displayed in brown color available in the Shape Repository). Actually I tried till now to put a Boundary Event on a Resuable SubProcess directly and with this web designer version it don't think it is possible : you must first put the Boundary Event on a Basic Task first and then Morph the Basic Task to a Reusable Subprocess so that it works.

Other information : I run the web designer under firefox 14.0.1.

Some others questions !
1- I read in the 5.3.0 Final User Guide that there were a way to directly use an xml file describing a BPM process so it means that the web designer does not offer all the functionnalities the jBPM engine is able to handle, is that correct?
2- If I use New BPMN2 modeler unde eclipse will the JBPM Engine be able to handle everything coming from eclipse New BPMN2 Modeler file?
3- When you create a new BPMN Process under eclipse and then create a Java class to test the process (knowledge base /session creation, add process, ...) it is only local and not deployed under JAS, correct?
4- To deploy a process in JAS the only way is to use drools-guvnor or is there another way to deploy a process?
5- I guess real and common life using of jBPM is through JAS so my question is, the only way to interact with the jBPM engine and deployed processes (of course) in JAS is the REST API (apart from the jBPM console)?
6- I don't think it is available but I need to ask : is there a REST function to signal events (in fact the same as ksession.signalEvent(...) in Java)?

Kind regards

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