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3- When you create a new BPMN Process under eclipse and then create a Java class to test the process (knowledge base /session creation, add process, ...) it is only local and not deployed under JAS, correct?
4- To deploy a process in JAS the only way is to use drools-guvnor or is there another way to deploy a process?
5- I guess real and common life using of jBPM is through JAS so my question is, the only way to interact with the jBPM engine and deployed processes (of course) in JAS is the REST API (apart from the jBPM console)?
6- I don't think it is available but I need to ask : is there a REST function to signal events (in fact the same as ksession.signalEvent(...) in Java)?

3) Depends on how your test is written , but yes unit tests typically run locally..it's up to you to deploy your process definitions and related artifacts yourself to wherever you want for testing
4) You don't really need guvnor for deployment. You could create the .pkg yourself using drools-ant tasks and push it to your own servers for example and let the client applications consume it. You could also if you are using the jBPM Console place your process definitions and artifacts like process image, task forms, dependency jars (such as service node impls for example) on the console classpath and it will be able to see them
5) jBPM does not need an application server..you can package the jBPM runtime component anywhere you like..in a test case, a stand-alone application, in an applet even  ;)  and of course also the application server inside your war's WEB-INF/lib for example
6) The jBPM Console has the ability to performa signal events 

3) ok
4) ok thanks for the possibilities I may have a look at further
5) ok
6) Yes I saw the button in the jBPM console (it is a bigger one than the i surrounded button in web designer  ;) ).
Is it normal that a process whose first node is a StartSignalEvent can be started with the Start button in jBPM console?
I think it is a mistake since it is a Signal Event that shoud start the Process, in others words :
=> the Start button might be disabled since in my process there is no classic Start Event => this may imply that the process should be parsed first to detect the possible start(s) of the process and put correct button states in jBPM console 
=> anyway the Start button should have no impact on the the Process starting since it is not signaling anything
- the Signal button should not be disabled so that the process can be started with a particular Event as input

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