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Never mind...

My findings:
* Building 4.0.0 SNAPSHOT myself sort-of work (odd dependencies to Eclipse stuff not in Maven Central).
* Using the manually built 4.0.0 SNAPSHOT in my own Maven build to run hbm2ddl failed with some Ant errors. I suspected Ant version conflicts (two different Ant versions in classpath). Specifically excluding Ant from the 4.0.0 SNAPSHOT dependency yielded no sensible result. The build didn't fail but no DDL was produced.
* I had to revert all my changes and re-add the @Type annotations :-( I realized that hbm2ddl run from Hibernate tools during a Maven build can never do without because there's nothing there that would populate the type registry (equivalent to what Usertype does when the app runs).

All in all several wasted hours just to realize that Hibernate 4 auto-registration is cool but useless if you still depend on hbm2ddl during Maven build.

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