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"Observations from two year of ping-backs from JBoss Tools users"

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it is very interesting.

For the conclusion, I think it is important to say : "those are the figures of the people that accepted the pings.

These are "where are the users that explicitly say “Yes - please send pings” ".

These are "what OS is used by the users that explicitly say “Yes - please send pings” ".

I think it is jumping a bit to fast to the conclusion : "that is the OS that is most used by the users", "that is where the users are in the world"...

two hypothesis :
 - what if the Linux users are much more keen on refusing this kind of enquiries/pings... ?
If the prefer being confidential, not letting a system ping somewhere, to provide info about them, etc...?
What if the users with windows OS are much more letting the "system drive what's going on", and more keen on saying "yes" to any option asked during installation ?

 - about the countries : what if the US and European countries are much more spoiled people countries, saying : no need to provide information to the community... others will do it...
what if the other countries, like india, china, brasil... are much more keen on providing information, to contribute and work hard to enhance the tools and community softwares.

These are only hypothésis.

They show it is worth being carefull when using these figure.
It is worth thinking of what can really be said with the figures, and what is some extension, even if with high confidence.

When I see that so many users use eclipse with screen resolution of 1366 x 768, I wonder what they do.

May like me, during the week end, using the portable pc of my girl friend, when I change a few texts on my web site :   http://www.sysemo.com/Sysemo-expertise-portails-jboss-portal.php Consultant JBoss AS7, J2EE, JBoss Portal and GateIn (JSR-286), JSF, Richfaces, Drools, BRMS.

It is only a few PHP pages.
I use eclipse because it is my main tool for consulting on JBoss.... and it is convenient to have a project, edit the file text (for php), and use ant to send this to the server hosting the pages.

Does this means this use is worth to be taken into account for the strategy of the development of the tool ?

These are only comments, ...
globally, the idea of making this ping and retrieving some information is nice... and the figures are interesting.


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