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"How to deploy ScriptTask.bpmn from jbpm-examples"

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So I used to be quite fluent in JBPM 3 back in the day, but havn't touched any JBPM in about 2-3 years. Now I am looking to use JBPM in some of our upcoming application development.  I have been playing with JBPM 5.3 and now 5.4 for a few months now on and off as time allows. But I am having a hard time figuring out how things work together. I have downloaded and installed JBPM 5.4 via the full installer and played around with the evaluation example, the jbpm-console, and the guvnor. I have already read the entire JBPM user guide (although I admit, not in a single sitting.) I've also watched a lot of the videos and read some of the various blogs and forums... anyway, enough background...

So I've opened up the jbpm-examples and I look at the very nice ScriptTask.bpmn and it's associated org.jbpm.examples.quickstarts HelloService.java and Person.java classes.

I have Eclipse integrated with the Guvnor, and can upload the bpmn and even the .java file and have tried putting them in various packages. I have even created a simple jar (using Eclipse to export the .class files into a jar) and uploaded that into a few places in guvnor. Finally I've settled on providing a "quickstart.jar" (With the two .class files in it)  in the defaultPackage along side the ScriptTask.bpmn and the ScriptTask-image.png.

When I try to build the package from the Guvnor I get errors like "Could not find variable 'HelloService' for action 'HelloService.getInstance().sayHello(person.getName());'" I think I have gotten past the ClassNotFound errors I was getting in the beginning.

Also, when I look at the ScriptTask process asset it shows as invalid, but if I open it with the editor and click the validate button, it says the process is valid.

Okay, so here's my questions:
 1) Is there a way I can get this process and it's .java files up in the Guvnor and built?
2) Will I then be able to run them from the jbpm-console or some other mechanism?

If I can figure out these two things I can continue experimenting... my goal is to get a simple process inside JBoss that I can start. Eventually I would be starting the business processes from somewhere inside my web application... am I going down the right path?

Thanks for the help!

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