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vicky vicky007aggarwal at yahoo.co.in
Mon Dec 10 21:20:09 EST 2012

Fernando  many thanks for responding back .
I have another very baisc query realted to  TWIDDLE :- 
For running TWIDDLE commands ,does we can only connect  over JNP port defined in <JBOSS_HOME>/conf/jboss-service.xml or do we also other ports as well over which we can run the TWIDDLE commands
Can you guys please share any documentation link which has very extensive documentation over TWIDDLE utility

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Hi Vicky,

You can't have two or more processes listening for connections on
      the same port number. You can check your instances logs and see
      the all but one has a java.net.Exception stating it cannot start
      the JNP service / listener.

You have to configure, using the Binding Manager MBean or some
      other way (which is your jboss as / eap version?) a different JNP
      port for each instance, and them you use the port number to
      identify each one for twiddle.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

>Can someone please help me on my below query :- 
>In my environment there are 5 jboss instances which are running on same machine & having same JNP port number. 
>I want to know that using TWIDDLE command how can we uniquely connect to each of the instance. 
>Please suggest i don't know much about it 
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