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"Re: User Task inside Multiple Instances node to do concurrent User Task assignments"

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> Aadav N wrote:
> Yeah, i understand that the human tasks can be completed in any order and asynchronously but I do not want the multiple instances node to wait until all of the tasks are completed. I just want to know if that tweak is possible on Multiple instances construct.
unfortunately, it is not possible with current implemented features. BPMN2 spec defines completionCondition that is evaluated at the end of each instance so that could be something useful for you but it is not yet there (you could open jira issue)

> Aadav N wrote:
>           As per my business requirement, I want to associate different task name with each of the node instances (human task) so that at the front-end (Application) I can distinguish the Approver names and their Designation/Role. This is what I'm trying to achieve.
>           Yeah, I hope I can try this to achieve this requirement(Task name association) of mine at my App end itself with some sort of work around. But if it is achieved at the jBPM End I think the integrity of data is well maintained.
does that mean you would like to assign different names to the task instances that are part of multi instance? Where task name is a data input definition and can accept expression same as GroupId. With that said your collection that is an input to the multi instance does not have to be collection of simple types like String, it could be collection of objects that can be then used to resolve the names and actors that you'd like to assign task to

if your object would be like this:
     String actorName
     String taskName

then you fill in collection with instances of TaskAssignmentInfo object and pass that collection as intput to multi instance. Then in the task definition you declare that the item that will be put into task instance is taskInfo and you can refer to it for interested fields to set data inputs:
taskInfo.getActorName() to assign task to given person
taskInfo.getTaskName() to set the task name dynamically


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