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"Using JBoss as back-end for remote thick client?"

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I know almost nothing about the world of J3EE and application servers and the like, so this is a very basic concepts question.  I'm part of a small group that needs to develop a stand-alone app which will be run on multiple remote locations and needs to access a central data source.  Clearly we need some kind of connection management, so I've been trying to learn more about using JBoss with Hibernate to manage the way the app communicates with the database.  We don't want to have the app run through a browser as an applet, because it needs to provide quite a bit of functionality and data processing - we want a thick client which is installed remotely and communicates with the database through JBoss/Hibernate.  Everything I've seen in my searches the past few days seems to suggest that such a thing might be possible, with the remote clients using a JBoss-provided JNDI service to communciate with a Hibernate bean running on JBoss, but all the actual tutorials and such that I've found are geared toward web clients with the apps being launched from JBoss itself.  This is probably a stupid question, but is such a thing possible?  (Am I even understanding these concepts correctly?)  If so, how difficult/complex would implementing that kind of setup be, especially given that none of us has any previous experience in the world of enterprise Java?

As a side note, we've previously developed an app which communicates directly with the database through the JDBC and hard-coded SQL queries - it only has a few users, and doing it the right way was less important than doing it quickly.  (I know, I know, no lectures please.)  However, this new project will be much more widely used, and will need a better infrastructure, hence my question.

Thanks for your patience with an absolute newbie!

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