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"Re: What does multiple "lanes" mean on some of the examples provided?"

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> *Why there are two lanes? One process, but two lanes. How they are supposed to work with each other? Are they at all*?
In BPMN2, you can define Starting Catch Events that you can use to create different paths of execution inside a single process. In this case, you have to signal the "event" node if you want to start the second path. You can signal the process from outside (ksession.signalEvent(...)) or from inside a node of the same process (using kcontext) or even using a Throw Event Node. 
> The "Print something 2" is never reached.
Since you are never completing the "User Task" Node, the process is "waiting" there. That is why "Printing Something 2" is never executed. Please read the documentation about User Tasks in order to understand how to complete them.
> More interestingly, the test is evaluated as "completed", despite the process still did not finished the "first line".
In your process you have 2 "End Nodes". Both nodes are "Terminating End Nodes" meaning that the first of those nodes that is executed with end the entire process. That is the expected behavior. If you want, or need, you can create a non terminating End Node (it is configurable through a property). In that case, only the current flow is going to be terminated, but the process is not.

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