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Tue Feb 21 04:40:47 EST 2012

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"Re: CDI @Inject in a JAX-WS service impl?"

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> Paul Robinson wrote:
> Are you saying that you don't think it works for JAX-WS endpoints that are implemented as POJOs, or that you don't think it work on POJOs full stop? 
I'm saying it won'g work for JAXWS POJO endoints. It's against our current design.

> Paul Robinson wrote:
>  I have it working for POJOs that are neither EJBs or JAX-WS services and also for JAX-WS services that are also EJBs. 
This seems to be generic requirement and probably should work also on JAXWS POJOs.

> Paul Robinson wrote:
> But the spec does not mention JAX-WS for any CDI feature, so the behavior of interceptors on a JAX-WS service implemented as a POJO is not specified. 
It should be clarified IMO because it seems it should work also for JAXWS POJOs.
But as I said above, this is against our current design and thus won't work for you  :(

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