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Sorry, it was a typo on my side: it is Nagios, not nessus, what we use to monitor status of AS.

We have the following setup:
* Several AS, each one in a different server.
* EAR deployed in each AS. Every app is the same (i.e. the same EAR copied in the deploy folder), and some parameters like address and some ids are configured to identify each app deployed in one AS from another. This application has a local EJB layer to serve information to a GUI, and a remote EJB to allow exchange of information between different applciations via EJB-RMI in ports 1098-1099-3873.

Everything went well untill we started monitoring with Nagios on these ports, and we've discovered that it is port 3873 (EJB3 Remoting Connector) the one causing problems by doing these direct telnets. After some time, two of the AS stop sending or receiving information from other applications. We've been debugging, and the appliation can work normally with local EJBs and so on, accessing DBs, JMS queues... but when we get to send something, it hangs doing the context.lookup of the remote EJB.

We are stucked at that point, trying to figure out what it is. Could it be that the connections stablished by Nagios are not closed correctly and the AS runs out of connections?

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