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Jari Fredriksson jarif at iki.fi
Wed Feb 29 19:29:04 EST 2012

1.3.2012 1:51, Percy Barboza kirjoitti:
> Hi
> I am evaluating best practices for JBOSS / LifeRay setup.
> Am using the default jboss location as /var/lib/jboss
> On going through the LifeRay documentation its says that liferay home
> should be one level above jboss home.
> Anyone have any ideas or have any JBOSS/Liferay deployments that can help
> Cheers

I have deployed the prepackaged bundles into /home/liferay and starting
them from the users crontab via @reboot

Easy to deploy apps into /home/liferay/deploy via sftp and everything
runs smooth.

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