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>>What can be done to solve this problem.
Don't run the processes? ;-)
I would modify the processes to not use 100% of the CPU. Without knowing anything about these processes (what they do, what they are written in, if you have the source, how they are configured), it is hard to give more specific advice. If you have multiple CPUs on your machine, you could set affinity such that the processes get only a single CPU, that way they won't take up the whole machine.

>>What is the ideal hardware requirement for servers that get about 300-500 traffic in a day.
300 to 500 requests per day? Of did you mean per minute/hour? 
It all depends on what each request is doing. If each request is to index the entire internet, then your box is woefully underpowered. If each reqeust is a simple "hello world" echo, then you should be able to get 500 requests per second. Since you did not provide any information about what the resusts do, or the different types of requests you have, nor of the processing requirements for each request type, I can't provide any more detailed information than that.

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