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"Human Task Assignment -- actor status changed"

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Sorry, I couldn't think of a better subject line.

I would like to know, given 2 nodes in a process definition:

A task associated with the first node can be claimed by any member of a given group. When complete, the subsequent task can also be claimed by any member of some group (possibly a different one). However, the id of the actor that completed the previous task is retained as a process variable.

So here is the scenario. For the 2nd task, the actor completing that task will set "approved" to true or false. If "approved" is false, then:

--the process should return to the previous node and be assigned to the actor that completed it before...


          --either that actor no longer exists
          --that actor exists but is no longer a member of the group that can claim the task
               ...in which case, the task should be claimed by some other member of this group

I would think this a common scenario but I would like to know how straightforward this is to implement in jBPM5. Is this standard behavior or must it be implemented programmatically?

I am evaluating jBPM5 in comparison with some competing products and the above scenario is the one that was presented to me as an important one for jBPM5 to be able to support easily -- preferably "out of the box".

TIA and sorry this isn't more concise.


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