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Sounds like the app was poorly designed; a complete redesign is in order.

Oh, the 300-500 was users not requests. Go figure! But even if you had a million users, you could still handle that load if users rarely made requests. But even with say 300 users, if each made a request every minute, that would be only 5 requests per second, which should be doable. But that all depends on how processor and database intensive each request is.

>>Is it a good idea to have database and jboss as in different machine for better performance.
That all depends. When the CPU hits 100%, have you noticed that is using the CPU? If tha database is use 90% and leaving 10% for the app server, and if every user request needs database access, then moving the database to another system migth not help all that much. The other system will then run at 100% CPU while the two processes are running, so still for that 10-15 minutes you will have the app server waiting for responses from the database server which is already overloaded.

What have you done to monitor the system to identify the bottleneck? How familiar are you with performance tuning? Tuning not just the JVM, but the entire system (OS, network, JVM, apps, database, etc). The thing is, performance tuning is very much a black art and is difficult to do using a forum as a communications mechanism (). If you are not comfortable with, or don't know how to do performance tuning, you need to hire a performance expert who can evaluate your entire system and make recommendations.

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