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"jBPM5 Developer Guide – Request for Feedback"

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Hi Herman, 
The book will be focused on jBPM and Human Tasks have a complete chapter. When you say that Rules and Fusion are explained in other places, what do you mean exactly? I mean, their relationship with Business Processes as far as I know it's not explained anywhere else. That's why I think that is so important to cover them in this book. I'm planning to use this book as introduction to a future version that covers the three perspective in depth, so in some way I need to introduce the topics and show the strenght of this approach.

I'm also worried about you asking for simple examples, we should be clear here. Simple examples will not represent your real implementation. Simple examples can be done to show one component functionality, but not all working together. If you want isolated examples about each topic you can usully go to each component inside jBPM and take a look on the unit tests for those components. Those tests lacks of what I belive that is extremely important, the business scenario. I will do my best to keep everything decouple and provide an easy to read chapter by chapter book, but at some point you will need to understand the basics in order to start skipping chapters and see specific examples that integrates several concepts.


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