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"using hidden variables: different behaviour windows/linux"

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I'm developing my Java struts application with Netbeans 7.0 Ide. 
 I'm using some hidden variables to pass variable value from one jsp to another ( I don't wanna exagerate with session scope's variables ) 

 <logic:iterate property ="lines" name="SuccessForm" id="riga" indexId="nriga" >
               <td align="right"><bean:write name="riga" property="codiceProc" /></td>
               <td align="right"><bean:write name="riga" property="descProc" /></td>
               <td align="right"><bean:write name="riga" property="impAvere"/> </td>
               <td align="right"><bean:write name="riga" property="impDare" /></td>
               <td align="right"><bean:write name="riga" property="impDiff" /></td>

              <html:hidden property="codiceProc" value="${SuccessForm.lines[nriga].codiceProc}" />
              <html:hidden property="descProc" value="${SuccessForm.lines[nriga].descProc}" />
              <html:hidden property="impAvere" value='${SuccessForm.lines[nriga].impAvere}' />
              <html:hidden property="impDare" value='${SuccessForm.lines[nriga].impDare}' />
              <html:hidden property="impDiff" value='${SuccessForm.lines[nriga].impDiff}' /> 

When I call the next servlet action I retrieve the hidden variable's value and I display it on successive jsp page.

This running fine with Jboss installed locally on my pc in windows xp operating system, but when I deploy the application on our linux server the value of hidden variables textually:

 ${SuccessForm.lines[nriga].codiceProc} ...
     ${SuccessForm.lines[nriga].descProc} ...

the Jboss I've installed on my pc is  jboss5.1.0 , the version installed on our company server is  jboss-4.0.5.GA.

maybe the valorization of hidden variables is deplorable? 

Many thanks in advance

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