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Hi Mauricio,

I have some questions regarding option 1) Expose the jBPM-Console created sessions, so you can interact with them using a remote APIs
How do you do that?

Here is my problem: We are using the jBPM-console to start processes. Our processes are using asynchronous behaviour on the service tasks (aka WorkItemHandler). The workItemHandler is simply sending a web service request to an external system. Later on, we receive a callback from the external system and we need to call kSession.signalEvent() in order to kick off the next step in the process.
We are controlling the web service interface so that the external system returns in the callback the workitemID that we sent as part of the original request, thus we know which processInstance to continue but the problem is that we also need the KnowledgeSession!
We could modify the web service interface and pass (and thus get returned) both the workitemID and the sessionID but I don't even know how to get hold of the jBPM-console internal sessionID from within a WorkItemHandler.
I can see that the Session started by the jBPM-console is persisted in the database (SESSIONINFO table in the H2 database) but I don't know how to get hold of it from within the WorkItemHandler.

We also start some of our processes using java code and they run within a separate session so we have more than one session running at the same time, so how to know which one a process started from the jBPM console is actually using?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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