[jboss-user] [jBPM] - Can GroupId in an Human Task be mapped to a process variable like ActorId?

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"Can GroupId in an Human Task be mapped to a process variable like ActorId?"

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This has come up in another thread, however I think it merits a separate discussion:

So far I have successfully assigned the ActorId for a human task from a process variable i.e. if I use an expression like #{actorVar} in my BPMN to specify ActorId this seems to work as expected.

What I would like to know is whether GroupId can be specified the same way, or can it only be specified statically? For example #{groupVar}.

I tried this and unlike ActorId it doesn't seem to work (not sure how better to state this).

>From looking at the underlying BPMN2 model, I can see a great difference in what the Business Process Editor does with the ActorId defined as an expression as compared to when an expression is used to define the GroupId (despite appearing quite similar in the editor). It's possible the "problem" (if that is what it is) is due to how the editor converts the expression to BPMN2 rather that to the design of jBPM5.

As I am currently in an evaluation phase, it might be more important for me to know whether this is supposed to work, because if it doesn't but can be considered a defect, then I can anticipate that it will work in the forseeable future. Whereas if this is not an advertised feature of jBPM5 then I should no longer contemplate this as a viable solution.

If anybody who reads this has successfully used an expression to map a Human Task's GroupId to a process variable, could you please provide an example?

Thanks very much!


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