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> Katarzyna Bylec wrote:
> Thanks for suggestions - so now I have to figure out how am I using Human Task Service  ;)  Lack of documentation here isn't helpfull at all - for now I'm just starting demo services from jBPM 5.3 installer (ant tasks "start.demo.noeclipse" + "start.human.task"). This is serving default HTS functionality for my PoC application, where I'm connecting to HTS with this code:
> MinaTaskClientHandler handler = new MinaTaskClientHandler(SystemEventListenerFactory.getSystemEventListener());client = new TaskClient(new MinaTaskClientConnector(communityId.toString(), handler));client.connect("", 9123); 
You don't have to start ht server after starting demo installation, as from 5.3 demo installation has already deployed web application that exposes ht service over hornetq (messaging). So you should use HornetQ connector instead of mina and don't invoke ant start.human.task

> If I got your answer right UserGroupCallback runs on HT service side, so I'm not sure if it suits my needs. My client is a Liferay portlet, which means it runs in external permission system, based on users and groups. The use case is I create and run processes (of human tasks) from this portlet, using Liferay user and group IDs. In portlet each user can check if there are any tasks for them (also basing on group membership). In Liferay user can belong to many groups and, of course, group membership can be (have to be) determined on portlet (Liferay) side in running server's context.
> This implies that UserGroupCallback implementation must be running on Liferay (client side...), which - as you said - is not the way to do it.
> Any suggestions on how to accomplish this task are welcomed. Maybe running HTS inside Liferay (Tomcat) is a solution here?
Does that mean that liferay manages all users and groups without any repository (like ldap, db, os, file....)? And how do you plan to use the engine itself? Are you going to embedded jbpm engine within liferay or use it like a service?

Since ht server is embeddable same as engine there are many possibilities to make use of it. For instance if you would like to have it embedded in you liferay application you can still use it that way, when you look at the ht web application it is simple servlet that bootstraps the ht service and open transport support for it - starts hornetq server with some configuration like callback. So you could do pretty the same way and then callback will be capable of using internal liferay stuff and still work on server side. More over there is LocalTaskService that will work on the same level as process engine without any remote communication... so as said before there are number of options so you would need to provide bit more information about your case


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