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"PermGen Space: OutOfMemory caused by loading the same class multiple times"

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Hello Community,

in our situation we have some server side classes which the osgi-client doesn´t have in it´s classpath. The client knows only its interfaces. The implementations will be loaded from server via Remote Class Loading.

Now the problem is, when we call a server method which returns a certain implementation, the following scenario happens::

1.) On each server call, a new ClassLoader will be created which loads all classes which is needed to create a single instance of the requested type. 
2.) At the next server call, the previous loaded classes are not reused. Instead a new ClassLoader is created which loads and stores the same classes again
3.) If the loaded instances are remembered in a Collection the Garbage Collector has no chance to unload the classes because there is always exactly one existing reference.
--> So, the Perm Gen Space increases and increases till we get an PermGenSpace Out Of Memory Exception

So, my question is:

Is it possible that the same classloader load all classes so that one class is only one time?
How can it be configured?

I´m happy about every solution.

Thank you for your help:


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