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"jbpm 5.3 not complete the task"

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hi! i have a problem and i want to know if any of you can tell me what to do!

-Windows 7 x64
-jBPM 5.3 Final Release
-Jboss 7.1.1
-H2 Database
-Web application in java
-Jdk  1.6

The application is about the insert of many request of the people…this activate a workflow….just instance when the request is inserted…
Then a person associated with a group has the responsibility to accept the request that in the workflow means that the process is started…then completed…
The problem is that when I insterted an instance of a process… (ksession.startProcess("com.sample.humantask", params) this is saved in h2 in the task table and then I close the connection…when I want complete this task…i make the connection again…complete my task…but don’t start automaticly the next node of my process…I imagine that this happen because I put ksession.dispose after the instance of my process….
How I can save my ksession and the use it to my propose….i will put the code that I use…and sorry for my English…is not native! Thanks…..

This is part of the method that I use to instance my process….

Map<String, Object> parametros = *new* HashMap<String, Object>();
Proceso procMotorWF = *new* Proceso();  
                   procMotorWF.crearConexion();//create the connection

        parametros = procMotorWF.definirSolicitud(usuario_solicitud);
 List<String> grupo = *new* ArrayList<String>();
 List<TaskSummary> listaTareas = procMotorWF.obtenerPosibles(usuario, grupo);
Object object = listaTareas.get(listaTareas.size()-1);
                   TaskSummary ultimaInstancia = (TaskSummary)object;
                   Integer idProceso = *new* Integer((*int*)ultimaInstancia.getId());  
//System.out.println("La ultima instancia generada contiene el id"+ultimaInstancia.getId());


There is the open and close connection

*public* *void* crearConexion(){ //open connection
*if* (kbase == *null*){
*try* {
kbase = +readKnowledgeBase+();
                            } *catch* (Exception e) {
// *TODO* Auto-generated catch block
*if* (ksession==*null*){
ksession = kbase.newStatefulKnowledgeSession();
*if* (logger==*null* && ksession!=*null*){
logger = KnowledgeRuntimeLoggerFactory.+newThreadedFileLogger+(ksession, "test", 1000);
*if*(hornetQHTWorkItemHandler==*null* && ksession!=*null*){
hornetQHTWorkItemHandler = *new* HornetQHTWorkItemHandler(ksession);         
ksession.getWorkItemManager().registerWorkItemHandler("Human Task", hornetQHTWorkItemHandler);         
taskClient = *new* SyncTaskServiceWrapper(*new* AsyncHornetQTaskClient("HumanTaskExample-testClient"));
taskClient.connect("", 5445);
                 SystemEventListenerFactory.+setSystemEventListener+(*new* SystemEventListener());


*public* *void* cerrarConexion(){ //close connection
*try* {

                            } *catch* (Exception e) {
// *TODO* Auto-generated catch block

taskClient = *null*;
hornetQHTWorkItemHandler = *null*;
logger = *null*;


Any idea what i have to do in this case…????
         Very thanks to all of you!! Nad again sorry for my English….
If you need mor information…just tell me!

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