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"License ambiguity to hopefully clear up."

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Dear all, 

first post, but I have a question about the license it may be used under.

from Chiba Shigeru's home page:
 http://www.csg.ci.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~chiba/javassist/ http://www.csg.ci.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~chiba/javassist/
we have a triple license terms available, MPL, Apache v2 AND LGPL

but from the sourceforge page it is declared as LGPL only.

And from this page whare all contributors sign up to help the project 
 https://cla.jboss.org/contributions/view_cla.seam;jsessionid=2C60FEE790C762F3A9823869D0EE1C2B?type=i&cid=844 https://cla.jboss.org/contributions/view_cla.seam;jsessionid=2C60FEE790C762F3A9823869D0EE1C2B?type=i&cid=844
if you select javassist then the person signing up is agreeing to LGPL only.

This is giving me some problems with the lawyaer at my employer. 

I appreciate that contributors from before it became a JBoss project had signed up for MPL, but any new contributor may or may not agree to the MPL terms offered at some future date.

can any of the project leads give me any information that might make the lawyers relax about this ambiguity?



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